Welcome to Paradise!

After a few good days of surf, the swell started to ease up and thankfully the hostel had organised a group trip to Paradise Valley! (This was so awesome because I thought my arms were going to fall off!)

Again we had another delightful breakfast before heading into the Moroccan Valleys.


The sun was shining, the tunes were pumping and we had a leisurely ride into the palm tree filled wonderland.

It was such a beautiful utopia of calm and serenity.

We ventured into the blue lagoon that was waiting below us…then pitched up for a day of relaxing, swimming and catching some sweet rays.


Some daredevils jumped of the highest rocks into the pools whist the chickens (like myself) sat on the edge and had luxury spa treatment for free and enjoyed the fish nibble the dead skin off our feet!


Feeling refreshed and revitalised we headed back to the hostel, where things were about to get cray…someone (the booze fairy) had been shopping for alcohol!!


We all fixed up and looked sharp and had a very drunken merry eve beneath the stars dancing and playing beer pong!


Hannah Roose