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We are located in Taghazout, a surf village 20 minutes north of Agadir, about 3 and a half hours from Marrakech. Since there are no addresses in this little town, the best thing to do is to give us a call when you arrive, or ask at the restaurant West Coast on the main road for Surf Camp Taghazout, To find us on google maps, please click here: https://goo.gl/maps/7DZqQ

Or simply follow these directions:

Coming from Agadir, when you get to Taghazout village, the Mosque on the main road (The only mosque in Taghazout) is on your right hand side,

(Step 1) keep driving (About 200 meters) until you see West Coast restaurant on your right.
(Step 2) take the small narrow road (Rue Tasga Oudrar) immediately on the right (It’s very easy to miss, so drive slowly until you see it, it’s a steep road about 25°)
(Step 3) then keep driving that narrow road about 100 meters until you see a large white building on your left
(Step 4) the surf house door is white with blue squares

Step 2: Tasga Oudrar Street
Step 2
Step 3 Walk/Drive up the street
Step 3
Surf House Door
Surf House Door

Travelling by Airplane

From Anywhere in the World

  • Ryanair.com offers cheap flights to Agadir, Marrakech and other Moroccan cities, from many cities in Europe.
Flying over Morocco
Flying over Morocco

From the U.S. and Canada

  • You can find some cheap flights from New York, Montreal, DC and Boston to Casablanca on skyscanner.net  From there you can catch a train to Marrakech. The train station is located in Casablanca airport, just follow the signs and you’ll find it. Another option is to take a CTM bus to Agadir. Check ONCF for train and Ctm.ma for bus tickets & timetables.

From England and Ireland

  • TUI flight has inexpensive flights from London Gatwick, Birmingham and Manchester  directly to Agadir.
  • Easyjet.com provides routes from London, Berlin, Lyon, and Paris to Agadir and Marrakech

From The Netherlands (Holland) and Belgium

From Spain

  • iberia.com provides low-fare flights from Madrid and Barcelona to  Marrakech
  • Vueling.com flies from Barcelona to Marrakech for less than 100 euros.

Airport Pick-ups

You can book your airport pick-up in advance on our dedicated website for airport transfers in Morocco. The price of an airport pick-up is the same price as what taxis charge local Moroccans, the difference is that our drivers are professional, always on time, they drive non-stop (some taxis stop to pick up and drop off along the way) and you don’t have to pay them cash, payment is always done online in advance. The driver will be waiting at the arrival hall, holding a board/paper with your name on it. For a drop-off you can also book it on transfersmorocco.com. The rates are the same as for pick-ups.

From Marrakech Airport

Agadir Grande Taxi
Agadir Grande Taxi

We provide airport pick-ups from Marrakech at all hours of day and night. It is about 3 hours to Taghazout. We use a reliable private taxi-service for this. You can find the prices here.

From Agadir Airport

The ride takes about 40 minutes to an hour. The full payment should be done in advance online, click here for prices.

From Agadir City

By Bus

By Taxi: a Grand Taxi will cost arround 150 dirhams during the day and 200 dirhams at night.

Traveling by Bus

Backpacker in front of a CTM bus
Backpacker in front of a CTM bus

From Europe

One option is the bus www.eurolines.com, with connections from any city in Europe to Agadir.

In Morocco

There are two reliable bus companies which operate between all major cities in Morocco. One is CTM and the other one is Supratours. These companies have modern, safe buses equipped with air-conditioning, making the bus-ride very comfortable.

From Tangier

If  you already are in the South of Spain, the cheapest option is to take a ferry from Tarifa to Tangier ( about 25 Euro), and once there to catch the CTM bus to Agadir (30 Euro). Buses from Tanger to Agadir leave around noon. When you come off the ferry, the CTM bus company has their office on the right hand side just after you pass customs. Check out http://www.ctm.ma/ for timetables.

From Marrakech

Once you have arrived by plane in Marrakech you can take a taxi to the CTM or Supratours bus station to get on a bus to Agadir. A Grand taxi costs about 100 Dirham (about 10 Euro), a small taxi should not be more than 50 Dirham, there is a price table infront of the Airport arrival hall, check it out first so you don’t get ripped off, or you can walk off the airport for about 5 min until you get to the main boulevard and then catch a small taxi or take the communal bus for less than 10 dirhams, check ALSA.ma for timetables. The inter-city buses operate frequently, check ctm.ma for timetables. The bus ride takes about three and a half hours to Agadir and costs about 100 Dirhams (~10€).

From Essaouira

A bus ride from Essaouira to Agadir costs 60 Dirham with CTM. You can also take a taxi directly from Essaouira to Taghazout for 80 Euro (1 to 5 people).

Traveling by Car

If you decide to come to Morocco by car, you can take the ferry either from Tarifa to Tangier, or Algeciras to Ceuta. While it is possible to book tickets online, it is much cheaper to buy the ferry tickets directly in one of the many ferry company offices at the harbors. An even cheaper solution and a real insider tip is to get the tickets from Juan’s Viajes Normandie Travel Shop in Cadiz, next to the LIDL store. A big sign reading PROMOCION! will lead you into the small office. Here you can get a return ticket for two persons and a car for only 200 Euros. Another plus, they fill out all the necessary car forms that you need to get across the border for you! Contact ticket.gutierez@telefonica.net for more information.

Upon arrival in Tangier, you will have to cross the border. In Tangier the border is connected to the harbor, while Ceuta is a Spanish city and you will have to drive from the ferry to the border (just follow the signs). If you have not done so yet, you will have to fill out an immigration form for yourself and the car. You will also need to provide car registration documents, and, in case the car is not registered in your name, a letter of authorization from the owner. In addition, it is necessary to have valid car insurance (carte verte). Please check beforehand, if your insurance covers Morocco, since more and more European car insurance companies tend to exclude Morocco from their coverage. If you do not have valid car insurance, it is possible to get temporary valid car insurance just behind the border. You will receive a car import document which will allow you to keep the car in Morocco for up to six months. You can not sell your car in Morocco.

If you have all the documents ready, crossing the border will be easy, although it might take a while due to long queues. Once you have crossed the border, drive carefully. Moroccans are famous for their radical overtaking maneuvers.

Safe Travels and Hope to See You Soon!

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